That’s the number of children Operation Rainbow has fundamentally changed over the last 46 years.


Over the course of 45 years, Operation Rainbow has performed over 19,000 free orthopedic surgeries for children and adults around the world, focused in Central and South America.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to performing free orthopedic surgery for indigent children and young adults in developing countries where the necessary medical procedures and supplies are not available.

More than just surgery, Operation Rainbow also provides continuing education to international health care providers to encourage medical self-sufficiency. Our goal is to no longer be needed.

How We Started


We do not send money. Our service is direct. We keep our administrative costs to a minimum by receiving donations of supplies and not keeping an office space. We have maintained this efficiency for decades as apolitical, non-religious organization.

We Have Helped


By raising $4.75M, we have aided in providing an estimated $85 million in medical care.


The number of passionate humanitarians volunteering their time to bring life-saving skills to remote areas.


The number of children and adults Operation Rainbow directly helped in 2023 alone.


The number of children Operation Rainbow has fundamentally changed over the last 45 years.


Operation Rainbow surgeons have received the AAOS Humanitarian of the Year Award.

We Teach.

Along with changing the lives of hundreds of children per mission, the team also helps educate physicians, nursing staff, and technicians in developing countries toward self-sufficiency.

Teams attempt to return to the same hospitals each year to promote continuity of training and to advocate for a philosophy of care that addresses the needs of indigent children and their families.

Teaching involves not only academic lectures on surgical procedures, wound care, and phyical therapy, but also includes hands-on work in the operating theater where local doctors participate in complex surgical cases.

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