A Word from Dr. William B. Riley, Jr.

“Why Operation Rainbow? Why Now?”

Early one morning in the Spring of 1978, I stared in stunned disbelief at the deformed faces of over 300 children and their parents waiting outside a rural hospital in the Philippines. Each child dreamed of having a normal face. Each parent prayed for a miracle. I was overwhelmed. As a visiting plastic surgeon on my first trip to a developing nation, I was completely unprepared for the desperate need confronting me.

After operating on fifteen children over the next two days, I departed with the image of all those faces, all those shattered dreams, all those unanswered prayers emblazoned on my memory. I knew that I would be unable to forget what I had seen and experienced. I knew I had to return. On the long flight home I resolved to ask some of my colleagues to join me the next year. They responded with enthusiasm and Operation Rainbow was born.

This past year has proven to be a true watershed time for Operation Rainbow. Today, more than ever, we stand poised at the threshold of opportunity and growth.

Since 1978 Operation Rainbow has succeeded, oftentimes it seems, through the sheer will power of a few dedicated physicians, nurses, non-medical volunteers and a hand-full of benefactors. Today, 25 years later, I am proud to share with you that Operation Rainbow has provided cost free reconstructive surgery to over 7,000+ children world-wide, including the U.S.

Operation Rainbow at present

Today, the organization has a committed base of volunteers that stands at well over 1,000 and is growing each and every day. Our base of supporters is broadening and deepening with each passing year. Your participation in a gift plan that is right for you will help ensure that the first call for hope which started back in 1978 by a few young doctors, will not be the last. Rather, through your support, the call for hope lives on through your legacy. Thank you again for all you have done and, continue to do on behalf of Operation Rainbow, Inc.

Over the past two decades Operation Rainbow surgical teams have transformed the lives of many indigent children in underprivileged countries by providing them free reconstructive surgery. Countless more have been healed through educational programs for healthcare professionals in rural areas. The Sponsor Child Program offers cost-effective care in the United States for selected children with complex problems that cannot be managed in a rural hospital overseas during a mission. The Domestic Program is available to needy children in the United States who have been denied care for various reasons. Such program growth and expansion reflects the commitment of the hundreds of volunteers who have contributed their time, talent, and resources to Operation Rainbow since its inception.

We always need your help

If you would like to aid our efforts to children around the world by providing them with free reconstructive surgery, please go to our on-line Donation form. Welcome to our website and welcome to our world of providing miracles for kids.